Stacy Raymond, Psy.D. 
Clinical Psychologist 
 EMDR Certified


Do you feel down most of the time?  Are you withdrawing from your friends?  Feeling like you'll never get out of this slump?

You are not alone.  Research shows that everyone experiences depression at some time in their lives.  It might be after a family member, friend or pet dies.  Or a relationship ends. Perhaps you cost your team the win while playing your sport, failed an exam, or made a costly mistake at work.  Sometimes being in a difficult relationship or a job that's no longer satisfying can wear on your mood.  Other people negatively judge themselves and struggle with self-esteem.  They are constantly critical of themselves:  too fat, not attractive enough, not as healthy as they'd like, made the wrong choices or serious mistakes, or feel like they've fallen short of their potential in education, sports, work, relationships or earnings.                                                                                                                                         The longer a person struggles with depression, the more likely they will experience physical illness.  Likewise, a person with a serious physical illness is prone to depression.  The good news is psychotherapy can help.  In some cases, medication and therapy prove to be the right combination.  As I am not a psychiatrist and cannot prescribe medication, I can determine if a referral is in your best interest.  Alternatively, I also respect those people who are not interested in medication, and I can discuss with you alternative approaches to alleviating depression.   

Don't wait to hit rock bottom before addressing your emotional pain.  Lack of motivation, unfortunately, is a symptom of depression.  So is hopelessness, feeling like things will never get better, so why try?  I have helped many clients out of their rut, but I can't help you unless you either give me a call or send me and e-mail.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.  Phone:(203) 493-0344 .  E-mail: 

Dr. Stacy Raymond, Ridgefield, CT