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Dr. Stacy Raymond

Dr. Stacy Raymond, Psy.D.

Ridgefield, CT


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQs with answers.  However, if you have additional questions please call me at 203-493-0344 or send me an e-mail:


Q:  What issues do you help patients with?

A:  All clients are offered stress reduction techniques because reduced stress is essential for healing the mind and/or body.  I also address the following issues:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Unresolved trauma of any type or magnitude

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Panic attacks

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship problems

  • Phobias

  • Issues unique to veterans and active military

  • Issues unique to first responders

  • Emotional issues underlying physical pain or disease

  • Spiritual Issues

Q:  Which health insurances do you accept?

A: I do not accept insurance.  

I am considered an out of network provider.  Your plan likely covers a portion of my fee.  Please check with your insurance company.  I will provide you with a paid invoice that you can submit. 

Q:  What do you charge per session?

A:  I charge $250 per session; Sessions are 45 minutes long.  I offer a reduced fee to first responders and veterans only.  

Q:  I'm not completely sure if I want to work with you.  Can I speak with you first and then decide?

A:  Yes.  Please contact me for a FREE consultation to help you decide.  Either call or e-mail me:  (203) 493-0344 ~ 

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